Glenn H. Crump and Lester C. Wheatley formed a partnership in June 1961 to purchase the dealership from Wayne Sandall.  Wayne had worked for Jack Fronk at Fronk Chevrolet for several years.  In about 1940 Wayne obtained the franchise for Pontiac.  He later received the Cadillac and GMC franchise.  Sandall Motor operated out of the building now occupied by Dons Furniture.  In 1959 he built the building now occupied by Crump Reese Motor Company.  At that time Sandall Motors also obtained the franchise for American Motors Rambler

 Glenn started in the automobile business in September of 1949 with Bannock Motor Company, a Pontiac Cadillac GMC dealership in Pocatello, as an office & credit manager.  Soon thereafter Glenn was promoted to Assistant Manager and held that position until he and Lester bought out Wayne Sandall in 1961.  When the company was purchased there were 2 mechanics, LaMont Nelson and Lester Earl. Conrad Stephen, who had been with the Sandalls for many years, stayed on as office manager and parts manager.

 In 1963 the business was incorporated for a total value of $58,000.  The business doubled in sales and revenues the first year and soon extra help was added.  Gail White, a long time resident who previously had worked as manager of Golden Spike Equipment came to the company in 1962 and retired in about 1994.  Conrad Stephen retired in 1966 and LaWona Madsen came in as office manager and stayed until she retired in 1994.

 The business kept the Rambler line until 1965 at which time it was decided to cancel this franchise.  Pontiac had come out with a smaller car by then called Tempest and it was found that the resale for Tempest was better and it had fewer mechanical problems than Rambler.

 Crump Reese Motor Company has always maintained a policy of not selling anyone anything whether service, parts, or automobiles that they did not want or need.  Crump Reese Motor Company prides itself on treating customers fairly.  Word of mouth recommendations are the best advertising and the high number of repeat customers confirm our long standing policy of straight and fair dealing with no pressure.

 Glenn Crump bought Lester Wheatley's share of the business in 1990 and Lester retired. Brian Crump who had started full time at the business in 1982 became a part owner when Lester retired.  In December 1995 Ronald Crump and Brian Crump purchased the business from Glenn Crump.

 In November of 2011, Crumps was able to purchase Murdock Chevrolet Buick.  At this time Crump Reese was now the franchised dealer for all of the GM products.  At that same time Coby Reese bought out Brian Crump and Brian retired.

 In 2016, the dealership began to look for opportunities to expand. The Moab stores became available so Crump Reese Motor expanded their presence into Moab with the Chevrolet, Buick, and Ford franchise. Crump Reese took over operations on April 29, 2017.

 Crump Reese Motor Company has a long standing reputation of honest, fair dealing and community service and we all should work together to make sure this reputation continues forward.  It is our goal to create an exceptional customer experience that will WOW our customers every time!